Oddsmonkey Review: Why you NEED to read this before signing up

If you’re new to Matched Betting, we believe that Oddsmonkey might just be the best place for you to begin.

We are going to perform a full review of their services, showing what they offer & why you should consider them against the competition.

If you’ve already performed some research, but now just need to claim your Free Trial, click here & start earning money from Matched Betting.

If you haven’t yet performed any research, sit back and prepare to read the most in-depth Oddsmonkey Review available online. We go in!

What is Oddsmonkey?

Oddsmonkey is a company which specialise in Matched Betting. They have over 15 employees, on hand to provide assistance and support to it’s members. What Oddsmonkey do is simple, yet effective.

They are responsible for finding Matched Betting offers for their members (us) to complete. This is how matched bettors make their money.

Once Oddsmonkey staff have tested the Matched Betting offer for profitability, they will then create a full tutorial, alongside a video explainer for that offer.

Your job is a simple one, you must then login to your members area, follow the guide and complete the offer. Once completed, you will have made a profit. It’s as easy as that!

Oddsmonkey are very active in posting new offers, with over 100 bookmakers offers on their site at the time of reviewing their service. It’s a fantastic process, which enables Matched Bettors to secure profits of upto £2,500 every single month.

What’s even better, is that there’s absolutely no risk to any of this.

Matched Betting Overview

If you aren’t sure what Matched Betting is, but found this post from a money making article, we’ve got you covered. In 10 minutes or less, you will have a full understanding of Matched Betting & be ready to register at Oddsmonkey, where you can start to earn a side income.

I’ll be honest, Matched Betting isn’t a newly found process. In fact, there are people that claim to have been Matched Betting back in 1999. Unfortunately, we can’t prove or disprove this… but we do have a tool that we can use to check interest. (Which I used, as I was very intrigued).

Matched Betting – The UK Search History…

I’m very intrigued to see that there were murmurs of Matched Betting interest around the 2007 mark, which means that it was definitely active. From what we’ve been told, Matched Betting pre-2010 wasn’t an online community like you get today, but a tiny circle of members that would attack the shops. This is something that we all call ‘Sharbing’ today, or Shop-Arbing.

Another thing that’s quite interesting to hear about Oddsmonkey, is that they weren’t always a Matched Betting Service. Previously, they would rent out their software to other matched betting sites, charging them a fee for the tool.

You will come to learn that Oddsmonkey are the masters of matched betting software, making new tools regularly.

It also speaks volumes that other matched betting sites would prefer to pay Oddsmonkey for their software, instead of creating their own.

Realising that they had the best software available, Oddsmonkey decided that they too would start a matched betting service.

They introduced their Premium Membership for £17.99 per month, which contained every single piece of software that they had created. This provided exceptional value, at a time when other Matched betting sites were charging £19.99 for membership, but then an extra £14.99 to access software.

Oddsmonkey were all about value, which is why their single pricing structure was sought after. They also provided a price promise, meaning that there would be no price changes whilst you’re a paying member. This also included an extra term, that any software they developed would also be part of their existing membership.

No hidden extras.

This makes Oddsmonkeys membership an extremely good option, as it means that they offer the best software available, at the lowest monthly cost.

What is Matched Betting?

We’ve discussed how Oddsmonkey works, but now it’s time to explain exactly what Matched Betting is & how we can make money from it.

Matched Betting is the process of guaranteeing a profit from Free Bet Promotions which bookmakers offer. Using a little bit of maths, or Oddsmonkey’s tools, we can create win-win situations.

The way we exploit most of our profit is via Bookmakers New Customer offers. Every single bookmaker has an offer for new players, trying to entice them to play.

An example of this would be; Bet £50 and get a £50 Free Bet.

If I had to describe what matched betting was…

We have to follow specific instructions to make our profit, by placing multiple bets on the same outcome.

It usually sounds odd to people hearing this at first, and usually an example helps them to understand what we are doing. So let’s create an example.

Instead of just ‘punting’ the £50, we are going to place a bet in a special manner, to ensure that we don’t lose any money whilst ‘qualifying’ for our free bet.

We will actually lose a few pence, but that doesn’t matter… as you’ll see below.

In this example, Man Utd are 2.5 odds against Sevilla. We are going to place our £50 bet, using our own cash on this.

Next, we need to open up a Betting Exchange. This is the area where we can bet AGAINST outcomes, which opens up our opportunity for profit.

Betting exchanges can be confusing at the start, especially when learning how to ‘bet against’. When I started Matched Betting, I was advised that betting against is similar to when your friend in the pub says I bet you £10 I can down this pint in 8 seconds.

If your response to him is “I bet you can’t”, this is an example of Laying his bet. You’re simply placing a bet against that outcome happening.

On the Betting Exchange, the LAY Man Utd price is 2.56. We will need this figure later, to input into the calculator.

Before we continue, we need to open up Oddsmonkey’s Matched Betting Calculator. This is the tool that helps us make our money.

Warning: This might look difficult on first sight, but rest assured this tool is a life saver & incredibly simple to use.

When I say life saver, I mean it! It saves me from having to use my brain & calculate things in my head!

Oddsmonkey Review Example

I have simply entered all of the data above that we’ve already discussed. This is the £50 stake, the back odds and the lay odds.

What I never mentioned was the lay commission. If you’re using Oddsmonkey, there’s a special offer where you don’t pay commission, but I’ve added the 2% in case you don’t use them… for some reason!

After inputting all of the figures, you might be a bit confused that you’ve lost £1.77 after placing this bet. Rest assured, this is completely normal & we should be losing money here.

When the bet settles, we will be granted a £50 Free Bet token. Not bad as it’s only cost you £1.77 so far! We do the exact same method again, placing a back and lay on the same event, which would leave us with around £45 profit.

And that’s how Matched Betting works.

What’s Included in my subscription?

You will be able to access absolutely everything that Oddsmonkey offer in their premium membership packages. This includes all tools and services, but also tutorials, training & a special mentoring offer which we’ve got for you. Let’s discuss all of this in full.

Training Guides & Tutorials

If you’re new to Matched Betting, but haven’t got a full understanding from our example, we would definitely recommend that you make the transistion to Oddsmonkey to access their learning resources. Afterall, I learnt Matched Betting through Oddsmonkey myself.

The training that Oddsmonkey provide is excellent, taking you through the full process of every single matched betting offer. This is perfect if you have limited matched betting experience. Oddsmonkey realise that everyone has to start somewhere.

This is why Oddsmonkey offer a free trial, where you are guaranteed to earn £45 to kickstart your matched betting journey.

Oddsmatcher – Specialist Software

This is the item which Oddsmonkey used to rent to other Matched Betting sites, it was simply that good.

The oddsmatcher is a matched bettors dream, it will literally tell you what to place your bets on, automatically finding you the closest odds for you to make a larger profit on.

It removes the manual requirement of looking for odds yourself, which can be time consuming and confusing. We can’t live without an Oddsmatcher in 2020.

Betting Exchange Automatic Integration & Reduced Commission

Hands down, the most complicated part of the Matched Betting process was placing lay bets. I would often check once, twice and three times to ensure I hadn’t made any mistakes.

Oddsmonkey were well aware was the most difficult part of the matched betting process. Note, it’s not hard, just the hardest part of the process.

To negate this, Oddsmonkey developed a tool. As they always do!

The Betting Exchange Integration tool would automatically place your lay bets, meaning that the most time consuming part of matched betting has just been simplified.

This tools means that you don’t even need to enter figures into a calculator like we did in the example above. I’m quite confident that you can complete matched betting offers using this tool, without any knowledge at all of Matched Betting.

The great thing about Oddsmonkey, is their wide range of software. It’s not just the Oddsmatcher which they have developed.

Profit Tracker

What’s the point of making money, if you can’t look at it?

The Oddsmonkey profit tracker has been developed to help users to track exactly how much profit they have made from their matched betting offers. It’s simple, yet very effective.

Click to Log Bet & Your Profit Tracker automatically adjusts

Previously, people would use an old school spreadsheet to track each bet. Now, this tool will save time as it automatically logs bets that you’ve placed. It’s even more than a Profit Tracker, it allows you to check which bookmaker accounts you have an existing balance in, marking bets as unsettled & settled.

Your daily profits adjust automatically, and you can run reports every month. This is great if you think of yourself as an analyst, looking where to improve your profitability.

Horse Racing Matcher

The Oddsmatcher isn’t the only tool that you can use to find bets and make money. You’ll be doing reload offers, once you’ve completed all of the sign up offers.

Quite a lot of your Reload Offers will be on Horse Racing events, which is why Oddsmonkey have created the dedicated Horse Racing Matcher.

This is a tool which only includes Horse Races which have eligible offers available, with any meaningless races removed from the search. It’s a great tool, very similar to the Oddsmatcher, but more efficient for completing Horse Racing offers.

You’ll soon come to notice that it’s easy to dip in, complete and offer & sign out… with your profit. Oddsmonkey make this Oddsmonkey Review so easy for me… it’s fantastic.

Each Way Matcher

Another vital Horse Racing tool, the Each Way Matcher. This is one of the best tools that we’ve ever used in Matched Betting. I could be speaking with rose-tinted glasses, as It’s the tool I’ve made the most money on.

This is based all upon Horse Racing Extra Places, where bookmakers offer you more places than the exchange lay.

Oddsmonkey Review: Each Way Matcher

This creates a ‘Free Hit’, where your Horse could finish in the extra places, securing you a tidy profit. Believe me, the profits are huge.

Thanks to the Each Way Matcher, you will be able to back every single horse in a race. Yes it’s more time consuming than backing one and hoping, but you’re going to guarantee a massive payout.

You’ll probably be making around £500 profit per extra place that you win. It’s really that easy.

Some races also payout more than one extra place, which multiplies the amount of profit you can make. Although we must admit, we don’t recommend you jump into the Extra Places, if you’ve just started Matched betting.

Extra Place Matcher

Oddsmonkey saw another gap in their wide selection of tools, offering a true Extra Place Matcher, which would make things even easier.

Oddsmonkey Review: Extra Place Matcher

This tool is perfect, enabling you to place your extra place bets, but instead of having to wait until the race had finished… you could immediately see how much profit you will have made.

What makes this even greater, is the fact that you can tick off horses, as you go along. This makes backing the field even easier, as it would remove the horses you’ve already bet on from the search results.

This is the New Each Way Matcher tool, although that’s still fantastic for arbing gubbed accounts. If that’s your thing!

Acca Matcher

I’m sure you’re familiar with Accumulators! When this tool was released, I’m sure I spent a week just looking at it, in shock.

What I am going to say next sounds like I’m a tipster, advising you to place a guaranteed winning bet. But I’m not.

Oddsmonkey Review Acca Matcher

With this tool, you can literally guarantee a profit from every accumulator bet that you make.

There are multiple strategies to deploy, from Laying All at the Start, to Laying Sequential… the opportunities are endless.

This allows us to now use Bookmaker offers which are restricted to Accumulators, giving us another avenue to profit from!

Dutching Matcher

Dutching is an advanced process. We aren’t going to hide that! Instead of backing and laying a result, you would instead place three bets, One for Team A, One for a Draw, and the final one for Team B.

Oddsmonkey Review Dutching

This is an advanced way to cover all outcomes, but with the added possibility that you’re placing mug bets with your bookmaker accounts, or qualifying for multiple offers at once!

It’s a great way to cut down on your Qualifying Losses, whilst keeping bookies happy that your accounts are active.

The Dutching software finds you the best picks, with the closest matches.

Matched Betting Forum

A Forum full of Matched Bettors with experience is worth it’s weight in gold. Does Oddsmonkey have this?

Indeed it does. The Oddsmonkey Forum is thriving, with the ‘old guard’ helping out new members that come along, asking their questions & receiving advice. The truth is, everyone’s in it for the same reason, to make a lot of money from bookmakers.

The difference between normal forums & the Oddsmonkey one, is that matched bettors are looking for specialist ways to profit. This could be by exploiting a loophole, or visiting a William Hill store to arb the odds in store.

Casino Hub

Profit Accumulator deployed a sub-product recently, called Bonus Accumulator. They charge an extra £20 per month for this product, which is their new separate area which contains access to Casino offers.

Oddsmonkey already have this in their collection, labelled the Casino Hub. The benefit? It’s inclusive of the monthly membership fee.

This is the area where you will be able to find Free Spins, Deposit Bonuses & Cashback offers. All tested by Oddsmonkey previously, to guarantee their profitability.

There is a mixture of promotions in the Casino area, but they aren’t all Risk Free like Matched betting is.

Oddsmonkey Review
One Member managed a £200,000 win… we aren’t that lucky!

Fantastic Support

I’ve only had to contact the Staff at Oddsmonkey on one occassion, dealing with a billing issue. It was when I first started, I wanted to change from the one annual payment, to monthly payments.

Yes, it did cost more, but at that time I didn’t have the bankroll to afford one huge payment out of my account.

We’ve heard nothing but great stories about their support team, who have a great review rating.

Oddsmonkey Free Trial

If you’re ready to take the step into Matched Betting, we highly encourage you to start off with Oddsmonkey. They will nurture you from a beginner, into a confident mached bettor.

They also have a fantastic new customer benefit, where you are granted one hours free mentoring, from their expert gurus.

That’s right, any questions you have, or advice you require can be answered by the Oddsmonkey experts.

Successful Members

We understand that reading a review doesn’t always help you to make your mind up. That’s completely normal, so we’ve decided to get some of the Oddsmonkey members thoughts & show them too. This way, you’ve got multiple mini-reviews to read.

Oddsmonkey Review: Conclusion

We hope that this Oddsmonkey Review will help you to understand exactly how Matched Betting works. If you don’t understand, that’s completely fine, as Oddsmonkey would be the ones that will be teaching you how to start Matched Betting.

We really rate Oddsmonkey, they’re a quality matched betting service. They’re the best Matched betting service. I’ve tried them all, but Oddsmonkey is the one that I always end up returning to.

The best thing that you can do, is utilise Oddsmonkey’s Free Mentoring sessions.

Remember, use the Oddsmonkey Free Trial to earn £45, before you become a full paying member.

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