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Ring Floodlight Camera Review
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Eufy FloodLight Camera
Eufy Floodlight Cam vs Ring Floodlight CamFull Review
Live ViewMonitor in Real-Time
Motion AlertsNotification sent to phone
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StorageWhere is the Data Saved?
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Full 1080P
Full 1080P
Ring Floodlight Camera Review

Eufy Floodlight Cam vs Ring Floodlight Cam

Which comes out on top?

Eufy Floodlight Camera vs Ring Floodlight Camera: Which is best?

The common trend for Smart Home Security systems is that they lock you in to a monthly subscription for Support & to access your cloud recordings. It puts many consumers off, as they don’t want a lifetime subscription, regardless of the price.


The Ring floodlight camera, and all other products in their range, do require an active subscription for you to access your recordings and deter criminals. However, todays competitor, the Eufy Floodlight Camera, does not.


This enables Anker (who own Eufy) to really tap into the Plug and Play Home Security Market, as their Camera utilises it’s local storage, instead of using a cloud based service.


Eufy haven’t stopped there, turning the dials up to 2500 Lumens… quite literally. Their floodlights are 700 Lumens more powerful than the Ring Floodlight Camera. However, it’s safe to say that the 1800 Lumens on offer with the Ring is more than enough, you can’t look straight-on at it for more than a few seconds. 


The Video Quality on both is very good, offering full 1080P, I really rate these sensors and they also offer full colour support in the darkest of night.


Ring take victory with their siren, which ‘rings’ in at 110 decibels, this is a touch louder than the Eufy which offers 100 decibels. Again, both offer significant detterent. In addition to this, both devices offer 2-way audio, the ability to offer a ‘Live View’ & Smartphone notifications to alert you if there’s something wrong.

Pricing & Customisation

There’s not much that is offered in terms of customisation. Both of these have to be hard wired in, however the Ring Floodlight does come in both Black & White. Eufy only offer a single colour option, white.


The Eufy Camera cots £179.99, which is just a shade cheaper than the Ring Floodlight Camera, which costs £199.99. 


I feel that the Ring camera offered me the best functions that I required (I didn’t mind paying the £7 monthly fee, as I have the Doorbell already & I’m soon getting the Ring Alarm).


Looking at the Amazon reviews, there’s only been 25 Eufy Reviews, where the Ring Floodlight has almost 1,000. If you are dead-set against a monthly subscription fee, the Eufy does offer fantastic specs which match the Ring Floodlight camera.

🏆 Winner: Ring Floodlight Camera.

Ring Floodlight Cam Review

179 179
Works with select Alexa devices to launch real-time video with your voice.; Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.; You'll get a notification as soon as movement is detected.; Requires hardwired installation to mains electricity.; Monitors your home in 1080p HD...

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  1. Eufy Floodlight Camera Review - £143.99

    Reviewed on 2nd April 2020 by VMBML

    I had one installed yesterday the camera is ideal, good value being on offer and no monthly subscription. The lights are very good. Nice and bright.I have the motion detector issue that I noticed on a US YouTube review but thought it would have been fixed by now.I have to get quite close to the camera to get it to work. Currently its not useful as a security camera as if anyone walks around the far side of my car it won’t detect any motion.When testing on the far left motion was detected but on the far right it wasn’t detecting which doesnt make sense. I have set up activity zones for all the areas I need it for. I noticed the activity zones can only be set up only as squares. Custom shaped zones would be handy like Ring as with the wide angle view you get a different viewing field.It would be good to be able to have custom notification sounds option within the eufy app as being on iOS I get the same notification sound for everything. Also I have a nightime driveway light. The floodlight wont activate when that’s on. It would be good if the app has an option to allow for motion activated lights during a specified time period or from sunset to sunrise. Can see there is an option to have it continually on during these times so motion times should be able to customised.Hope the motion issue is sorted soon as this doesn’t really serve my needs at the moment. I may have to move it to the side of my house which has a smaller detection range so guessing it will work fine there. It will also be good if the app is updated with more features/options soon.

  2. Eufy Floodlight Camera Review - £143.99

    Reviewed on 2nd April 2020 by Mr. W

    Eufy Floodlight Camera.Owner for 3 weeks.This is the UK/EU version and so it comes with a white plastic mounting box. My only issue with the mount is there is only one entry and that is from the rear. I would have liked a side entry option as well, as that would suit me better.Actual camera and floodlights … Floodlights are great and much better (brighter) than some others with the same supposed spec !Motion PIR detection sets floodlights only when dark which again is better than others that ligh up day and night ??Motion detection zones work and I have had almost no false triggers e.g. from wind movement. Car headlights outside the capture area do not trigger either.I have set the detection level so that animals trigger as well as humans, so I can see what the local critters are up to.Overall a great camera and floods.More to follow …

  1. Ring Floodlight Cam Review

    Ring Floodlight Cam Review - £179.00

    Reviewed on 2nd April 2020 by joan.m.firth

    Please note even though I like the quality of the product and the capabilities of the system, I have had to return the product because of the broadband requirements to run the live camera and get a picture. Your internet provider must be able achieve an UPLOAD SPEED OF AT LEAST 2MBPS. I have sky broadband (not fibre) and fibre is. not available in my area. I’ve written this review hopefully that it then will be written into the product description and not find out after you have installed the camera and this is explained towards the back of the instruction manual supplied

  2. Ring Floodlight Cam Review

    Ring Floodlight Cam Review - £179.00

    Reviewed on 5th February 2020 by winstonhadler

    Easy to fit and set up. Good quality pictures even when it is dark. The camera gives a wide angle so it covers a large area if you require it or you can adjust it to serve your needs. The flood lights light up a good area as well.

  3. Ring Floodlight Cam Review

    Ring Floodlight Cam Review - £179.00

    Reviewed on 30th January 2020 by cropmarkian

    Gives me peace of mind when I am not home. There are far too many strangers knocking on peoples doors these days who pose a risk to my family. I do not need to answer the door now because I can see who the person is. I also like the idea of being able to control the lights and alarm on the system as well which deters anyone trying to get in to my home. I am going to get another ring floodlight for my elderly father who is in his eighties. I dont like the idea that he is opening his front door to strangers who might take advantage of him.

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Ring Floodlight Camera Review
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