Yamaha YAS-207 Review: Soundbar & Subwoofer

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With the YAS207 you can enjoy 3D surround as you’ve never heard before. Featuring DTS Virtual:X compatibility the YAS207 gives you sound not only around you but coming down from the ceiling, such as the sound of rainfall from the sky or a spaceship flying overhead. Soak in the immersive, stunning…

Last updated on 27th June 2024 2:08 pm
Yamaha YAS-207 Review: Soundbar & Subwoofer
Yamaha YAS-207 Review: Soundbar & Subwoofer



Yamaha YAS-207 Review


9Expert Score
Yamaha YAS-207: DTS Virtual X Make this A Great Purchase
With the YAS207 you can enjoy 3D surround as you’ve never heard before. Featuring DTS Virtual:X compatibility the YAS207 gives you sound not only around you but coming down from the ceiling, such as the sound of rainfall from the sky or a spaceship flying overhead. Soak in the immersive, stunning...
  • DTS:X
  • Soundbar & Sub Included
  • Very Slim Profile (not bulky)
  • Doesn't support all HDR Video Types

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Price history for Yamaha YAS207 Front Surround Soundbar System with DTS Virtual X - Black
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  • £7.99 - 3rd June 2024
  • £178.99 - 2nd April 2024
  • £269.00 - 16th March 2024
Since: 16th March 2024
  • Highest Price: £269.00 - 16th March 2024
  • Lowest Price: £7.99 - 3rd June 2024

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Specification: Yamaha YAS-207 Review: Soundbar & Subwoofer


Soundbar and Subwoofer



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4 reviews for Yamaha YAS-207 Review: Soundbar & Subwoofer

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  1. A. N. Onymous

    I spend a long time researching what soundbar to buy and I landed on the YAS207.The sound quality of the YAS207 is incredible. The Virtual DTX does many movies justice. It’s not quite 5.1 but for a soundbar it’s a pretty impressive feat to pull of sending sound to the rear when there are no rear speakers! IO fired up a few movies to test out the surround and boy was it good. The sub produced a good thumping cinema sound and the dialogue is clear.Likewise for music, the vitual x adds an extra dimension to the sound, like you’re standing in the middle of the stage with the vocals and instruments surrounding you.If I ended there, this would be a 5 star review. However, the YAS207 has a significant design flaw. And that is the subwoofer crossover frequency. I noticed this firest when I was watching Graham Norton on medium volume. The sub seemed to cut off when there was someone talking in a low voice. Typicall these voice were male but also apparent with female voice. It was VERY annoying. One minute the sub was producing the low bass frequency, as it should. Then suddenly it would cut out. It drove me mad. I then tried other talk shows and also movies where there was periods with just dialogue and no sound effects and the issue was still there.I tried different HDMI lead, optical lead etc. The only thing that fixed it was to jack the volume up way to high. Which is a problem, because when the bass does kick in and there’s some music/sound effects the room shakes. I started doing some research on the internet and various forums. Turns out i’m not the only one. Others have had the same issue. These only become apparent during quiet dialogue/talking.I tried to contact Yamaha tech support but they did not return my call/emails. I did read on a forum that someone did hear from Yamaha. The issue lies in the frequency that the sub kicks in. The below is a response from Yamaha to someone on avsforums:”The sub-woofer on the YAS207 crosses in at 180Hz. To place this in context the YSP1600 and YSP2700 cross in at 500Hz. The YSP5600 ranges from 80Hz to 120Hz and the older YAS207 (being the YAS203) crossed in at 150Hz.Unfortunately, because the drivers have been engineered to work within the parameters of specific frequencies, it’s not possible to just release a firmware to change it. The cross over point is more defined by the actual hardware (speaker drivers being used) and not software.”.If you use this for movies and play it loud (over 25% volume) you’ll be happy. It’s a great buy. But if you want to use this for watching talkshows, dramas at a moderate volume. For instance at night or when you don’t want to annoy the rest of the house, then give this a miss.I have just requested mine to be returned and now I have to go back to the drawing board to research whic sound system to buy. A real shame because it does produce lovely sound, but this massive oversight makes is not fit for purpose.

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  2. Dozman

    After a period of research I bought this soundbar and I haven’t been dissapointed at all. The main selling point for me was DTS Virtual X, I don’t have the room to cope with wired speakers but wanted a theatre feel with a decent surround experience. Having tried various other pseudo surround options and always being dissapointed, I was drawn into this with both excitement and trepidation and fortunately, it works better than I ever imagined.My review will pretty much focus on DTS Virtual X as this is the big difference between sound bars of it’s type and price range. It’s also pretty much the only mode I would recommend using, not that the others are bad, just that you lose a lot of immersion when running audio through the other modes.Firstly, let me manage expectations. A soundbar that sites below your TV and has a few forward directional speakers aimed at your listening position will not beat a room with 5, 7 or 11 speakers placed around your room and ceiling. That’s never going to happen. If that’s what you want and have the budget, the room and the understanding family then pursue that line of direction.If you don’t have the above but want an immersive theatre sound for your movie in your home then continue to read because this is the solution for you.A few words about the bar itself, it’s Yamaha. They’re pretty damn good and have a track record of excellence. Buying into their products is not a risk, they have a reputation of quality and this bar is no exception. Google them and google the bar. The bar has won lots of awards and Yamaha are a brand that won’t compromise.It has a stereo mode so you can run your tv audio through or you can use the bar as a speaker whilst streaming your music via a bluetooth connection. It sounds great, Yamaha are masters with audio.It also has a surround function of it’s own (Green light). As mentioned earlier, I’ve been dissapointed with pseudo surround functions before, they rely on sound bouncing off walls and it seems the geometry of my room doesn’t seem to cope with this well. The sound is still good, and it’s probably the best of this type I’ve heard but not particularly immersive.Now onto DTS Virtual X. To explain, DTS is an alternative to Dolby. They both have evolved their digital sound codecs over time from 2 channel (Stereo), 5 speakers, 7 speakers and now 11 speakers (4 ceiling). The latest codec, 7.1.4 (7 speakers around the room, 1 subwoofer and 4 ceiling) is called Atmos from Dolby and DTS X from DTS.DTS virtual X is a post processing method of taking any source and attempts to decipher the sound objects into several channels to fill the 7.1.4 end point and use digital sound processing to project sounds all around you in the right place. It does this by altering the level of sound in different directions trick your brain into thinking they’re around you rather than right at you.It sounds difficult to believe but works really well. Of course, the source is the important factor. The better the source, the better the effect. For instance, if you throw a 5.1 source at it, because sounds are already seperated into multiple channels it has less work to do than if you pass it a 2 channel stereo source.That said, I have had pretty astounding results from stereo sources too which is testament to how good DTS Virtual X actually is.Also, when I say any source, it can be either Dolby or DTS. They’re not precious about only supporting their own standards.So what’s it like. Again to manage expectations, you will not hear lots of sound from behind you and be amazed how this bar can do that. Instead, if sit 6-9 foot away from the TV, the sound bar will project an immersive broad sound stage in your direction. The speakers in the sound bar will fire multiple sound channels at you and and around you like a cone of sound heading in your direction.Imagine a sound bubble to the left and right, forward and above. You will hear 3 dimensional sound, effects will come from different areas in all directions in front of you. For example, dialogue will come from the centre, you will hear sound from left and right but other sounds further left and right and sometimes right in front of you. Not only does it project sounds horizontally. it can also project sounds vertically. The software can recognise Ariel sound types such as rain, helicopters, planes etc and project these sounds higher.Don’t expect this sound to fall from your ceiling, it can’t do that but it will project this type of sound above your TV screen. This in itself, is pretty amazing considering the sound bar sits below your tv and fires in a forward direction.So what we have here is a method of watching movies and tv in any shape of room with an immersive theatre sound which is night and day from a normal TV speaker experience. Night and day.I do have a couple of niggles, I’ve found the dialogue low in some instances. When I say low, I mean compared to other effects and sounds which the bar is projecting in the sound bubble. So to higher the volume, would be to higher the other sounds too which doesn’t fix the problem. There is a clear voice button which has a really good effect on dialogue without increasing the volume of the effects but sometimes if a conversation between a few people is happening, sometimes one voice is lower which is still hard to hear.After playing about with clear voice and altering the subwoofer volume (+ and -) and the bass extention (On/off) I have been able to rectify this niggle.So all in all, a great purchase. I bought it to enhance films and tv without the expense and hassle of wired speakers and this has made a significant difference.

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  3. jcun8391

    Terrific performance and clarity of sound. Needs a special HDMI slot actually marked HDMI (ARC) for simple and effective connection. Had to buy a new TV even though the current tv was a modern flat screen HD model. Also has an irritating power saving auto standby function, but there is a ‘disable’ function. Still pleased with it.

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  4. gregstar7

    Amazing sound bar. There is a difference in sound through analogue/digital and phone app. Initially I used just the analogue option 3.5mm jack with red/white rca lead as my optical output from the tv was never activiated even though it is on the back of my tv. No options either to change speaker settings. Its a £2000 pioneer kuro from 10 years ago but I love it. Anyway the higher sounds from the bar came through very high pitched and was really uncomfy to listen to. I then bought an ANOLOGUE TO DIGITAL converter box £18. Red/white rca lead from tv output to red/white input on the converter from the converter optical output to optical input on soundbar. Downloaded the free Yamaha app for more sound options and the results are amazing..A massive difference..Result

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