What’s better? The Canon EOS M200 or the EOS M6?

What’s impressive about mirrorless cameras is that they are compact, which makes it easier to carry them between shots. Camera experts and enthusiasts agree that mirrorless cameras are better for recording videos because they usually have a better resolution.

Canon has now released several mirrorless cameras in the market. In case you can’t decide which one to get, here’s a Canon EOS M200 and Canon EOS M6 review and comparison for you.

What are their similar features?

Canon had introduced EOS M6 in February 2017. It was only two years after when the Canon EOS M200 was introduced in the market as well.

These two mirrorless cameras both have an APS-C sensor format and an articulated touch screen monitor with a 1.04-megapixel resolution. Both have an ISO sensitivity of 100-24600, which makes them adaptable to dimmer shoot locations. Aside from that, Canon EOS M6 and ESO M200 also come with a built-in flash. Moreover, like any other mirrorless camera, these two have Wi-Fi connectivity as well.

In terms of structure, they almost look and weigh the same, yet Canon EOS M6 is a little bulkier and heavier than the Canon EOS M200.

What are their key features?

When you’re looking for a mirrorless camera, especially if you’re a videographer, some features that you should look for are the camera’s video resolution, frame rate, and a high-resolution monitor. Of course, you should also check out if they have an excellent built-in image stabilisation, which the Canon EOS M200 and Canon EOS M6 both have.

  1. High-quality video resolution

A high-resolution mode allows you to capture excellent quality photos and videos. This mode can produce detailed printed images, which are good for portrait and landscape photography. Since it allows you to capture high-quality shots, you can enlarge or extremely crop your photos and videos without compromising their quality.

The Canon EOS M200 mirrorless camera has a video resolution of 3840 x 2160, while the Canon EOS M6 has a 1920 x 1080 video resolution. Even though both of them have a high-quality video resolution, the Canon EOS M200 stands out more compared to the Canon EOS M6. Additionally, it is essential to note that the Canon EOS M200 also has a monitor that you can flip upwards, which allows you to capture self-take photos and videos.

  1. Frame rate

For photographers and videographers alike, you should look for a mirrorless camera that has a good frame rate. This feature is vital since it is responsible for capturing your photos and videos seamlessly, especially if you have a moving subject.

The Canon EOS M200 can record 4K UHD videos, and while Canon EOS M6 can’t, it can still capture a Full HD video at up to 60 frames per second. Undeniably, a mirrorless camera that can capture 4K UHD videos always tops the market since it has much better video quality. The Canon EOS M200 can capture still images with its 4 fps burst mode, while the Canon EOS M6 can capture with its 7 fps.

  1. High-resolution camera monitor

Since both the Canon EOS M200 and the Canon EOS M6 have no viewfinder, having a higher quality of camera monitor is an advantage. Both of these mirrorless cameras have a 1.04-megapixel resolution monitor, which makes viewing and reviewing shots convenient.

With this feature, photographers and videographers can quickly review their shots’ angle, composition, and exposure through the camera monitor.


Both of these mirrorless cameras are suitable for high-quality video recording, yet one has better features than the other. The Canon EOS M6 has a much higher resolution and higher frame rate for continuous shooting than the Canon EOS M200. However, the Canon EOS M200 has a faster and more accurate auto-focus, which makes recording moving subjects easier. Additionally, the Canon EOS M200 can record 4K UHD videos, which the other model can’t.

In terms of battery life, the Canon EOS M200 still tops the competition. Not to mention that this model is also much lighter and compact, making video shooting more comfortable for the users.

If you’re looking for a mirrorless camera that captures superb quality videos, can last long during productions, and easier to use and carry, then Canon EOS M200 would be the right camera for you.

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