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Works with select Alexa devices to launch real-time video with your voice.; Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.; You’ll get a notification as soon as movement is detected.; Requires hardwired installation to mains electricity.; Monitors your home in 1080p HD…

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Ring Floodlight Cam Review

The Ring Floodlight Cam is my personal choice for Home Security. I have compared the ‘best of’ Floodlight Cameras, but found that Ring offered the device which suited me best. Note, the Ring may not suit you if you don’t want a monthly fee for a managed service, but after having great success with the Ring Doorbell 2, I decided to add to the Ring Fleet.

I am yet to find an outdoor security camera as good as the Floodlight Camera. The quality of recordings during both day and night were fantastic. In addition to this, the two-way communications, mega bright shining lights & the Siren add to the product making it a great purchase.

Honestly, if you wanted a Home Security camera, but didn’t consider the floodlight, consider it! 

When I purchased my Doorbell 2, I didn’t know about the floodlight camera. If I had known, I probably wouldn’t have the Doorbell now.

The Floodlight camera allows for so much more, offering a wider field of view outside your home. It’s actually added security to my neighbours also, as the camera pans across three driveways.

Installation of the Ring Floodlight Cam

The Ring Floodlight Cam requires mains power in order to work. There is no battery only mode, which actually makes sense, as you don’t want to be climbing the ladder in the winter to charge your floodlight! I had to get an electrician in to fit this, which added an extra £30 to the cost, but you can’t put a price on Safety!

It’s an easy installation (so what I was told from the Electrician), although initially he did fit it upside down…

Ensure that you download the Ring App whilst the Electrician is onsite, as you need to press a button on the Floodlight. If you don’t have ladders, that’s going to be a pain! Other than that, the setup is an absolute breeze. Connect it to your Wi-Fi and all that’s left is setting up your motion zones etc.

What I noticed when I set up the Floodlight was that the distance from the Router was quite far, so I connected it to the Ring Chime which acted as a half-way house, this increased the signal significantly.

Design, Features & Specification

When I first opened up the Ring Floodlight, I was put off by the design. I thought I had turned the house into an eye-sore, but I’d already paid the electrician so up it went. Quite amusingly, once it was up on the wall, it immediately looked at home. I have the white version of this, but it looks really nice contrasted up against the house bricks.

The camera is located at the lower centre of the device, with the two Floodlights accompanying it from the top. This gives off the impression of the camera ‘holding’ these two lights like weapons, which makes it look pretty beefy. The camera and both lights can be adjusted, so you can set this up as per your own requirements.

If you live in a cold area, there’s nothing to worry about. This Floodlight can operate up to -20C, all the way to 48C. Basically, it can handle the weather! We’ve had no issues in the West Midlands, but it’s not really an extreme weather county… It’s just always raining!

Motion Detection

Motion Detection is the USP of this product, it’s fantastic too. It has the ability to differentiate objects from humans also, meaning that you won’t be alerted when a Plastic bag blows over into your driveway. It also works with animals too, I’ve noticed that we get a Fox during the winter, but (in this case) unfortunately I can’t get any clips of him due to this great technology! The settings can be adjusted, it technically can pick up plastic bags, cars and animals… but I don’t really see the point in my circumstances.

You can also set motion zones via the Ring App. If there’s a specific area that’s causing you concern, you can set the zone up specifically. This is also beneficial if you live on a busy street, you can modify the zone to avoid the path, so that it doesn’t set off everytime someone in the street goes to the shops, walks the dog etc.

I set my zone on my driveway, but as I’m an end house, I also added an extra zone over the fence, for a little extra security. Alongside Motion Zones, you can set personal schedules. If you’re always at home on the weekends, you can set the Schedule up which will disable the motion alerts completely.

Video Quality

Although it’s not 4K, the Ring Floodlight Cam does record 1080P Video, which is plenty sufficient for Home Security. The idea of 4K is good, but that’s also going to be 4x slower load times than the 1080p… If there was a disturbance, you’d want to be checking immediately. When the Camera detects motion, it saves the clip to the Ring Cloud, allowing you to open the app up and check it out. The quality is great, it’s not laggy at all and the colours are true to life. We thought the night vision mode would be a bit poor, but it’s actually brilliant.

The Quality when you zoom in isn’t great, so bare this in mind. It’s only Digital Zoom, which is the cause for this. It makes up for this with the field of view, you can see so far. Whilst this is good, we do feel that a better quality zoom would be advantageous.

Sound quality is also very good, my Floodlight is around 20 feet up and I have no issues talking through this. I have used this to speak with my local postman, when the Doorbell was charging.

The built-in Siren is also a great deterrent. It won’t wake the whole street up, but 3-4 houses either side will be jumping out of bed to see what’s occuring. It’s not something that will set itself off, this is something you can deploy via the Ring App. That’s the type of security you want. It’s also a beneficial feature to use when you’re out of the house, but want the street to know something isn’t right.

The Ring Subscription

I have a Doorbell 2, which means I’m on the Multi-product plan. It’s not too bad really, £8 per month for full coverage. I have been so impressed with Ring that I am contemplating the Ring Alarm system next. Plus, it’s a free add-on to my multi-product plan and I’ll get an existing customer discount.

You may not wish to pay the Ring fee, but you’ll need this to view the Cloud recordings. Without this, it would only work for Live-view.

Ring Floodlight Cam – Our Final Verdict

We rated this as the best Floodlight Camera you can buy. It offers great quality, durable during any weather & offers two-way communication.

The floodlights are bright and powerful, which act as a great detterent. It also helps you out, when getting out of the taxi after a few too many Pravha’s!

There are a few things to watch out for though before you purchase. Remember that this needs mains power, so you may need to book in an electrician.

Also, you’ll need to be prepared to pay the Ring monthly fees to get all the features. There are a few cheaper models out there, but we trust the Ring Home Security devices. If you really don’t want the Monthly Fees for Cloud Storage, take a look at our Eufy Comparison.

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  1. cropmarkian

    Gives me peace of mind when I am not home. There are far too many strangers knocking on peoples doors these days who pose a risk to my family. I do not need to answer the door now because I can see who the person is. I also like the idea of being able to control the lights and alarm on the system as well which deters anyone trying to get in to my home. I am going to get another ring floodlight for my elderly father who is in his eighties. I dont like the idea that he is opening his front door to strangers who might take advantage of him.

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  2. winstonhadler

    Easy to fit and set up. Good quality pictures even when it is dark. The camera gives a wide angle so it covers a large area if you require it or you can adjust it to serve your needs. The flood lights light up a good area as well.

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  3. joan.m.firth

    Please note even though I like the quality of the product and the capabilities of the system, I have had to return the product because of the broadband requirements to run the live camera and get a picture. Your internet provider must be able achieve an UPLOAD SPEED OF AT LEAST 2MBPS. I have sky broadband (not fibre) and fibre is. not available in my area. I’ve written this review hopefully that it then will be written into the product description and not find out after you have installed the camera and this is explained towards the back of the instruction manual supplied

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