Shark IC160UKT Review

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Pet vacuum: Motorised pet tool removes pet hair from carpets, stairs and sofas; Up to 50 minutes run-time*: Removable battery can be charged on or off the vacuum; Carpets and hard floors: DuoClean glides across all floors, no need to stop or change floor head; Powered lift-away: Go portable to…

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Shark IC160UKT Review

This vacuum called the Shark IC160UKT is a really great model to choose if you are looking for something cordless and slim that is able to clean your house efficiently and quickly. It offers you perfect suction and power. It also has a very extensive tool collection, which can leave you with that feeling like all of the previous models are just inferior. The Shark IC160UKT has this small built but big in capacity.

What’s always been lacking with the Wireless Vacuum Cleaners in the past is the lack of battery life. You would get about 20 minutes on Power Mode on the Dyson V6, which just about gave you enough time to run around the house, not doing an in-depth clean.

We hoped for different with Shark, after hearing fantastic reviews and reccomendations, so we purchased the Shark IC160UKT.

The Design and Features of Shark IC160UKT

The entire unit is benefiting from a new design completely, and the vacuum is smaller than what it looks in its box. By this, it makes the vacuum compact and very easy to keep. This is a thing that I like about the Shark IC160UKT since I don’t really have that much storage space. It also has this little side pocket for its battery that is just stylish and cute.

It has this ventilation for the vacuum’s battery, and it is built into the little compartment. Cleaning exhaust also is available in the vacuum that is passing over it, and it is a fascinating choice. The Shark IC160UKT also has this charging cradle for its own batter, with that, it also comes with a mains adapter for its charging.

The Shark IC160UKt also has this duo-clean tech, which is something that I always look forward to from vacuum cleaners. I was also very pleased that it incorporates a cordless model, which means that you will get the normal rear bristle brush and even a soft roller for the front.

For carpets, we have the former, and for the hard floor, we have the latter. Although these two can also work together and can help clean the house up. Going to the floorhead, this features a very new design. I was quite excited about the new design.

You can easily have access to the floorhead, which was good to see. Sadly, you cannot remove the bristle brush, and though you can clean it very easily, you’ll get all the stuck hairs off.

You are able to remove the soft brush, though; it is a very good thing because you can remove all that dirt and fine dust off it at a regular time. Also, the floorhead also has the LED headlights that it usually has.

We also have the main head that can be attached to its hose directly, which turns it into what we call a handheld vacuum, which is also part of the feature called powered lift away.

The feature lift-away is something that I enjoyed because this means that you are able to detach its main body from its frame and make it into a thing that is more portable, which reaches areas of the house that an upright vacuum cannot do.

As for the hose, it is very flexible. The wand of the vacuum is slim, which creates an effective cleaning machine.

The vacuum’s controls are located on the vacuum’s handle, and the power switch is included there. Changing the setting will be really easy, and you have three of them all in all, including the boost.

All of them are just very powerful, and that is something that you are able to see when you are doing cleaning tests later on. I was very pleased that I found another one of those Shark’s that has an on and off switch on the handle, giving it some extra points.

How noisy is the Shark IC160UKT?

It will only measure up to 70-80db, and it depends on what setting you are using.

It does not only comply with the law of the EU that is regarding volume, but this also means that you have a quiet vacuum exceptionally that you are able to use without trying to cover both of your ears. I have never known anything like it.

Its Charging and Run Time

If you put it on low setting, the vacuum can have a run time for 50 minutes, and that is very impressive and gives you a lot of time and also the power to clean your home up.

Going to the medium setting goes for 33 minutes, and its boost was for 20 minutes: all of them are perfect timings. If you want to switch them, you can buy an extra battery, which can also give you more time to clean.

The charging period is for 3 and a half hours, which is not that bad. It also has this light indicator that can let you know how much charge there is and if you need to charge it.

It’s Weight and Handling

It weighs 5.7kg, and it is really good for a vacuum that is a cordless upright. The vacuum feels so light even if the battery is with it.

I was impressed that it felt so easy in my hands. For the handle, it has this comfortable grip because of the padding, the process of vacuuming would be easier and also more bearable.

The Dust Canister and the Filter

The capacity of the dustbin is 0.6l. This is a bit small and also means that you’ll be emptying more often. It’s nothing to be disappointed about, and you should not let this little thing stop you from purchasing it.

For the filters, they are easy to access. You can purchase another one so that when one is drying, it can be replaced.

How well does the Shark IC160UKT clean?

It did a really good job on my hard floors, both with the attachments and main floorhead—no snow plowing, something that I love.

Vacuuming the stairs wasn’t that hard because I had the powered lift- away mode. It did an outstanding job, and I got to clean faster. Cleaning the floor and ceiling requires no actual effort. The Shark IC160UKT did a great job cleaning my home.


  • Perfect suction
  • Perfect for homes with own a pet
  • Perfect for homes that have stairs
  • Perfect Accessories



  • The bin has a small capacity
  • It can be a bit fiddly
  • You can’t remove the brush bar


Shark IC160UKT Review: The Final Verdict

The IC160 is a fantastic addition to what’s becoming an impressive portfolio for Shark. What’s most useful to me is the battery life on a full charge, it’s more than adequate for a mid-sized three bedroom house. Alongside how powerful the device is, that’s the star selling point for me. I need to clean the house in one sweep, not put it on charge halfway through (Ahem – Dyson V6). 

The Dyson Cyclone V10 may be the device which is the direct competitor with the Shark IC160, as they’re at a similar pricing point. We haven’t yet tested the Cyclone V10, but we can personally recommend the IC160UKT Vacuum.

That’s it for the Shark IC160UKT review! I hope you purchase one of these because it is amazing.

9Expert Score
Pet vacuum: Motorised pet tool removes pet hair from carpets, stairs and sofas; Up to 50 minutes run-time*: Removable battery can be charged on or off the vacuum; Carpets and hard floors: DuoClean glides across all floors, no need to stop or change floor head; Powered lift-away: Go portable to...
  • Great Suction
  • Obliterates Pet Hair
  • Good Battery Life for Wireless Vacuum
  • Small Capacity Bin (Common with Handhelds)
  • Unable to Remove the Brush Bar

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Specification: Shark IC160UKT Review

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4 reviews for Shark IC160UKT Review

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  1. zorro010101

    It’s just perfect. I cannot even compare after 15 years of use Henry. New level of hoovering.

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  2. Flimo

    Before this Shark arrived, I used a Dyson Animal cordless and Roomba robot vacuum. To review the Shark I completely vacuumed the front room (floor, upholstery, curtains, dog bed) and did the stairs. I am now giving the Dyson away and keeping the Roomba for in-between maintenance of main thoroughfares with this new Shark being the main machine. Despite the expense, I would definitely recommend it.Overall, I find the design to be much more holistic than my previous machines. The focus isn’t just on the bagless aspect, the whole thing works seamlessly. Moving between modes isn’t a struggle, and neither is attaching or removing tools. Ejecting muck is relatively simple, you just pull out the dust cup from the centre of the vacuum pod (sits on the front) and then press a button to release the bottom. It’s a small part of the front bit, so not unwieldly and it fits back together securely. I still lust after the idea of a slider in the dust part of a vacuum that I’ve seen on other brands, but there is enough room in this dust cup for the muck to fall out quite easily and not get stuck.Everything clips together and comes apart easily so I can use the machine as a cordless upright and transition to using the wand without it being a big hassle mid job. The lift-away idea is genius; I can use the main upright, then lift-away the vacuum pod to make the machine slim enough to glide under the coffee table but still functioning as the main upright, then remove the vacuum from the main floor cleaner altogether to use the wand. The handle comes away from the wand too, and I’ve found this to be my preferred way of doing the stairs. So, essentially, it is 4 types/sizes of cleaner in one.The included tools are great. Standard crevice tool and dusting brush are there, with a wide upholstery tool and motorised pet tool. All of this works well. The pet tool in particular is effective as it is motorised the brush rotates and helps to pull all the pesky embedded hairs into the machine. I did the dog bed and it looked brand new afterwards. When you use the lift-away function a boost comes on which is also handy for this type of job. The handle of the Shark has a button to select boost, floor or carpet. All work as you would want them to.In particular, I love how quiet the machine is in upright floor mode (boost is a little noisier as you’d expect), and how unobtrusive it is. Charging does not require wall space or masses of room due to the small charging cradle (although you can charge it in the machine too) and it has an indicator so running out of power when vacuuming isn’t a surprise. I think I will buy another battery so that I’ve always got power available.This is hands down better than my previous vacuum.If I’ve helped you to make a decision, please leave me a helpful vote 😊

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  3. MissElizaBennet

    I purchased this vacuum to replace the ‘Shark NV800UKT DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner, TruePet Model’ that I had been using for 2 years. The DuoClean Lift-Away was brilliant but I really wanted a cordless. I hated having to unplug and plug each time I moved to a different area. I also thought it would be nice to have something lighter. I am a tiny 5’2”, 98-100lb female, and I am very weak and can’t lift anything vaguely heavy.Well, the ‘Shark Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner [IC160UKT], Pet Hair, Powered Lift-Away’ definitely takes care of the cord and weight problems, being significantly lighter and more compact than the DuoClean, but the suction is weaker. Not by a huge amount, but it is noticeable in certain situations. The DuoClean could suck up dust and debris lying further away, so that dust in the small gaps under furniture would all get hoovered up when the DuoClean got close enough. The Cordless can’t do that – it can only suck up things that are actually directly under the vacuum head. I also occasionally need to go over the same area a few times as not everything gets picked up the first time. I almost never had to do this with the DuoClean.Despite these shortcomings, I still most definitely prefer the Cordless. I would rather have the ease of being able to switch on the vacuum and go, at the cost of a bit of suction. With the DuoClean, I only vacuumed on my once-a-week full housecleaning days. The Cordless, I use all the time, whenever a bit of cleanup is required, because you can just grab and go without having to faff around with the cord and plug. Whenever I am not using it, I put the battery in the charging holder, so I have a full tank ready at all times. On full housecleaning days, I can’t get through the whole house on one battery, though. I have to have one charge half way through. I can work around it by doing the vacuuming until it needs a charge, then doing other stuff like mopping while the battery is charging for the next round. I hope spare batteries become available for purchase soon so I don’t have to break up the day if I don’t want to.All in all, I am happy with my purchase. I knew that the Cordless couldn’t possibly have the same amount of power as a corded vacuum so I was prepared for the reduction in suction, and for me, the trade off is worth it. For gaps under the furniture, I use the crevice tool, and going over a spot a couple more times isn’t that much of a chore compared to having to deal with a cord.

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  4. perfectpanda06

    I had the vax blade before I bought the Shark duo, the Shark wins on all catergories, easy to move from one use to the next, no breaking your arm trying to remove the dust box, no dirty hands having to take the filter out to empty, just press a button and it all falls out, excellent edging along the skirting boards/carpets. Battery run time excellent 50 minutes, I would highly recommend the shark as it is also able to stand upright not be laid down to remove the dust box, well happy with my purchase Thank you

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