Single Door vs Double Door Refrigerators – Which Should You Buy?

A refrigerator serves as the lifeline of a household.

It stores food and beverages that help keep you and your family in good health. It also saves you on costs as it prevents your food from expiring. Due to the necessity, purchasing the right type of refrigerator is imperative. Plenty of modern fridges boast up to four doors or more, but the two most commonly used are the single-door and double-door. Choosing between the two takes size and capacity into consideration, as well as your family and other storage requirements. To help you make well-informed decisions, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each:

The Single-door Refrigerator

The Advantages

1 – They are the cheaper alternative

If you’re operating on a limited budget, choose the economical option and purchase a single-door. While it may not be the most modern look, it will still store and keep your food fresh. It also uses less energy to function optimally compared to double-doors—your energy bills will be thanking you.

2 – The door is easy to use

One common complaint about double-door fridges is their heavy doors. They need to be pushed to properly close, making it problematic when no one is at home. Unfortunately, leaving it open for too long will spoil all your food. Single-doors are easier to use and you’ll never have to worry about the possibility of leaving them open—they shut by the first swing!

The Disadvantages

1 – You’ll have limited storage space

Due to its small size, food storage is limited. They offer limited shelves and cannot handle bigger-sized food, nor can they store larger bottles and food vessels. However, some fridges like the Samsung RB31 FDRNDSA Fridge Freezer, come with sliding pullout shelves, making organizing possible despite the limitations!

2 – They’re more practical than stylish

Once again, these are chosen for practical reasons and not style. If your dream is to have a modern kitchen, this appliance isn’t for you. They’re best suited for nuclear households, allowing you to meet your daily dietary requirements.

The Double-door Refrigerator

The Advantages

1 – You’ll have more storage space

These fridges give you more storage space, both in the actual body and freezer compartment. Specific types of fridges also offer you the possibility of converting the freezer into another storage area, should the need for more space arise.

2 – Organization comes easy

With their double-doors swinging action, you’ll be able to store various types of food in many drawers and tiers. Plenty of these also come with platforms you can split up, which is perfect for those meal prep lovers that need careful organization. Its width also provides you with more room to store bigger items, such as large selections of meat, pizza, and even multi-tiered cakes.

The Disadvantages

1 – They’re expensive
Double-doors are essentially upgrades to single-doors, which means you’ll be paying the premium to enjoy its features. Due to their size, they also require 30% to 40% more energy to cool, which can jack up your monthly energy expenses.

2 – Too bulky

If you live in a tiny apartment, double-doors are not a practical choice. They’ll easily eat up the limited space you have—remember: they’re designed to store more. If this is the case, you’ll fare better with the smaller choice.

What’s your verdict?

These are just some of the basic differences between the two types of refrigerator. Weigh your options according to the advantages and disadvantages discussed above—we hope that you end up with a choice that meets all your needs!

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