The Best Home Security Floodlight Cameras for 2020

The Best Floodlight Cameras Available in 2020

Today, we will be looking into the best Floodlight Cameras available to buy. Let’s face it, home security is a basic need. Gone are the days of typical motion sensor floodlights, now you can purchase floodlights which have extra features, such as Sirens, Live-View & the all-important Smartphone notifications. 

Whether you’re in the house or not, it’s always good to be notified when there’s presence on your property. It might just be the postman, but it’s still very useful.

Let’s kick this off with my personal favourite, although I must admit that I have this in white. 

Best seller 1 Ring Floodlight Cam Review

Ring Floodlight Cam Review

Works with select Alexa devices to launch real-time video with your voice.; Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.; You'll get a notification as soon as movement is detected.; Requires hardwired installation to mains electricity.; Monitors your home in 1080p HD...

The Ring Floodlight Cam is my top pick, due to it’s loaded features in addition to the trusted RING brand. They’re making fantastic moves in the Home Security department. I also opted for this as I am on the Ring Monthly plan, which allows me to rig this up alongside the Doorbell Cam I have. Back to the product, it’s a game changer. 

If you have a strange shaped driveway, or just want to set specific areas up to be monitored on your property this is possible with the Custom Zone creator. This means that if you only want to cover the right side of your driveway, you can.

This Floodlight is designed to be noticed. It looks quite scary, the base camera being partnered by two huge lights. In addition to the lights, it can also throw out a Siren, which would stagger someone that’s up to no good.

Live view is a good feature also, so if you think you can hear something that you might want to check up on, you can simply tap your phone and open the stream up.

It’s also very useful when you’ve ordered a takeaway and can wait at your sofa to see the car. No more peeping through the curtains!

The Ring App is also great, the reason I upgraded to the Ring Floodlight was to uniform all of my devices on the same app. I’m also planning next to get the Ring Alarm system, which means I can have all of my home security on this app.

I trust Ring, they regularly update the app including upgrading what your products can do. When I first had the Floodlight Cam, it had all the features, but they were quite basic. Over time, they’ve upgraded the firmware so that it can now track for people only, meaning that pesky fox which was setting off the motion sensor at 03:00AM would stop causing me trouble.

Overall, it’s a great security camera. If there was one drawback, it’s not the best looking product to stick onto the front of your home. In saying that, it stands out well (why I chose white) & this is surely a deterrent.

1 Eufy Floodlight Camera Review

Eufy Floodlight Camera Review

Time to Upgrade Your Floodlights: Traditional floodlights offer very limited functionality. Enhance your security by adding surveillance, real-time communication via 2-way audio, and more.; Drop-in Anytime in 1080p: Live-stream and record in full 1080p HD so you can see exactly who’s there in...

Next up we have the EUFY Floodlight Camera. You may not have heard of Eufy, but don’t let that put you off if you haven’t. Eufy is powered by ANKER, who are one of the most trusted consumer brands. They make fantastic products, being most known for their Smart Charging Power Banks.

This Eufy Floodlight Camera is no different. In regards to it’s specifications, it’s very similar to the Ring camera. However, the brightness of the motion-activated floodlights are a little louder with this model. If you wanted a managed service product though, you won’t be able to consider this as they only offer local storage. It’s also only available in white. 

There’s quite a lot of consumers which are against Ring’s policy of charging £6 per month, so this could makr the Eufy the frontrunner for you. I think this is a great camera, but as I already had the Ring Doorbell 2, it just made sense for me to stick with Ring. As I was paying already paying the monthly fee, there was no additional fee to consider.

We are also waiting on the release of a Eufy Doorbell, which would allow you to uniform this Floodlight, much like I did with the Ring.

Overall, this is a very good alternative. Local storage, priced cheaper and the light is actually brighter. If I gave the Ring a theoretical 9/10, this would receive an 8.99/10.


1 ANNKE Floodlight Camera Review: Good Value?

ANNKE Floodlight Camera Review: Good Value?

【Ultra-Bright Light】This outdoor security camera is equipped with 2pcs ultra-bright SMD LED floodlights, which allow you to scare away intruder before crime happened.You can also manually switch on the floodlight from phone app to make it as a outside night light.; 【Two Way Talkback & Audio...

For the purpose of the review, I had to look at some alternatives which could offer you a Floodlight on a budget. This ANNKE floodlight seems to fit the bill, arriving for the sum of just over £100.

It comes with a choice of Black or White, it has a 1080p camera with a built in microphone for two-way talk and recording. 

What also impressed us with this, is the Suspicious Intruder Detection mode, much similar to what the Ring has. If the camera notices a Car, Dog or non-human objects then it won’t disturb you.

You can also create motion zones, so although it’s a budget floodlight camera, it doesn’t mean it’s a basic device. 2 years of warranty also adds to your protection.

The only gripe with this is the apparant sound quality, there has been quite a few people mentioning that the audio is very distorted on playback. It’s also not as aesthetically pleasing as the Ring or Eufy.

1 Swann Floodlight Camera Review: Worthy Ring Alternative?

Swann Floodlight Camera Review: Worthy Ring Alternative?

With the Swann Floodlight Security System, you can outsmart crime and protect what matters. They're easy to install outdoors by connecting to existing or new hardwiring, and they can be used to replace an outdoor light or floodlight. You can talk back to people and protect your loved ones with...

Our final home security Floodlight camera is from Swann.

It’s priced well, slightly more than our budget Annke floodlight, with similar specs to the Eufy model. This has mixed reviews, some absolutely love it, but some say that it drops of the Wi-Fi regularly. We know with floodlight cameras it can be difficult to maintain a connection as the device is physically outside, which is why the Ring Chime exists. 

I don’t think that’s a fault with the device, but more-so a Wifi issue.




We’ve provided some of the best Home Security Floodlight cameras currently available on the market. 

We are still waiting for Arlo to release their floodlight camera, so we can get our hands on that. This could be a competitor to the Throne!

We like the Ring & Eufy models from this range, but the Annke & Swann have also provided sufficient competition at a better price. 

Which Floodlight Camera do you rate? Let us know in the comments.

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