Samsung LC49J890DKUXEN Review: 49″ Curved 144hz Monitor

6.5/10 (Expert Score)
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  • Wrapped Up in Reality – The CJ89 offers a vivid gaming experience with its 3840 x 1080 resolution. Its 32:9 aspect ratio and super ultra-wide curved monitor offers wider angles of field of view
  • Rapid 144 Hz Refresh rate minimizes image lag and motion blur for smoother gaming. The…

Last updated on 22nd June 2024 8:13 am
Samsung LC49J890DKUXEN Review: 49″ Curved 144hz Monitor
Samsung LC49J890DKUXEN Review: 49″ Curved 144hz Monitor



Samsung LC49J890DKUXEN Review: 49″ Curved 144hz Monitor Prices

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Price history for Samsung LC49J890DKUXEN 49" Curved Ultra Wide LED Monitor - Super UltraWide 3840 x 1080, 144Hz, HDMI, Displayport, USB-C, Speakers, Charcoal Black
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  • £31.98 - 22nd June 2024
  • £25.41 - 8th June 2024
  • £29.46 - 18th May 2024
  • £849.00 - 16th January 2024
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  • Highest Price: £849.00 - 16th January 2024
  • Lowest Price: £25.41 - 8th June 2024

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Specification: Samsung LC49J890DKUXEN Review: 49″ Curved 144hz Monitor



Product Dimensions

120.3 x 38.1 x 52.5 cm, 15.1 Kilograms

Item model number







Charcoal Black

Standing screen display size (Inches)


Screen Resolution

3840 x 1080 pixels


3840 x 1080 pixels

Processor Count


Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Number of HDMI Ports


Wattage (watts)


Are Batteries Included


Item Weight (kg)


Wrapped Up in Reality - The CJ89 offers a vivid gaming experience with its 3840 x 1080 resolution. Its 32

9 aspect ratio and super ultra-wide curved monitor offers wider angles of field of view

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Samsung LC49J890DKUXEN Review: 49″ Curved 144hz Monitor

2.5 out of 5
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  1. A.J.Lawson

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I love this monitor, there really is nothing else like it. Single cable docking is incredible. 32:9 or ‘double 1080p’ is amazing. This would be my perfect work and gaming monitor. Yes the price is high and yet, comparatively good considering the features. I just wish it could have delivered them.Unfortunately my first monitor arrived with an epic edge to edge row of dead pixels and what I presumed to be a bad USB-C cable that mostly worked, but suffered intermittent flickering. It was returned, with deep sadness.The replacement arrived quickly because Amazon are truly awesome.No dead pixels! Brilliant… but the USB-C flickering was still happening. It was less so on the 15w port than the 95w. It went hours without problems on that port, but that didn’t charge my Surfacebook 2. It also did eventually start to flicker on that port. So I dropped the resolution, ran my laptop at 21:9 with giant black bars on the sides. No flickering… plenty of space for my work. Full 32:9 gaming on my PC over DisplayPort. This isn’t so bad I told myself. Then a week in, several hours into a gaming session it started flickering over the DisplayPort cable.So off it goes, back to Amazon… along with my shattered dreams. :,(I can’t say I got to the bottom of the issues. I spoke with both Samsung and Microsoft for support. The SurfaceBook 2 can and did run the full resolution up to 120hz (although I stuck to 60hz), delivering video, sound, power and connecting my headphones, Ethernet, keyboard and mouse via USB-C. Most of the time. But everyday, without fail it would start flickering. I installed numerous drivers firmware and updates and even restored windows. I saw minor improvements. I worried there might just be ‘too much’ going over the single USB-C and this could be causing the flickering. But when it started over the DisplayPort from my PC, I had no alternative but to suspect the panel was faulty.I hope this helps others. It IS an incredible display; side, colour, contrast, features… I can’t fault anything about it, while it worked. It just didn’t work for long.I STILL want this monitor, but Amazon wouldn’t do another replacement. Was I just REALLY unlucky?!

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  2. Robert Euston

    I bought this as a productivity tool – I’ve run with 3 x 24 inch 1080p screens for years. Thats great, but the bars between the monitors mean you dont utilise the space efficiently or effectively. The double ultrawide is the same as 2 x 27 inch 1080p screens – which seems like a downgrade on paper – but man – its like having 3 but taking up less physical space. I’ve had the screen less than 24 hours, and I’m not going back!Ok, this is not a cheap monitor. And the price jumps around a lot on amazon. And there is not a lot in it for high end monitors – they all do a job, and (most of them) do it well. So I’ll restrict this review to why I bought this one over the 100 quid cheaper Acer Nitro – which is the same size, and (aproximate) spec.1) The Samsung is proper 144Hz – not “Overclocked” to 144Hz as the acer says it is. I’m always suspicious of overclocking – it not only shortens its life, but tends to be flakey.2) The Samsung has a much better stand. It tilts, goes up and down, and swivels left/right. The Acer just tilts, which is pretty poor in my opinion. This alone would make me choose the Samsung3) The samsung comes with a wall mount, ands also has cable management – I dont use either of these (see below) but its nice to have.4) You get a built in laptop dock with USB! And you can dock 2 laptops and a desktop, and switch between them – so its a KVM as well! This saves me 100-200 quid at least just there5) The Acer has multiple HDMI – The Samsung just has one. Why is this a plus? Because instead the Samsung has USB-C – 2 of them – capable of driving the monitor at full spec AND charging your device. The Acer doesnt have USB-C at all.6) 7Watt speakers7) Its SAMSUNG!8) It looks amazing – my (adult) kids were in awe. And my desk is a lot more tidy now :)Sounds great? Well, its not all strawberries and cream.Downsides are :1) Switching isnt instant -but TBH thats to be expected – it has to disable and enable USB ports too. If it was just switching source (like the acer does) it would switch much faster I think.2) Sound is good, but it isnt high end. I’m ok with that – I use a USB skype set for work3) price is a bit steep4) the ports are in an awkward place, and are hard to get to, unless the back of your desk is not against a wall.5) The cable management requires much longer cable than supplied – they feed through the stand, so you need an extra half metre on each cable to use it properly. So I opted not to use it – nor the plastic that covers the ports. Shame really, and probably my biggest issue.6) dont bother with the eye comfort setting. I turned it on once and immediately turned it off. The colours go funny and washed out – its just awful.7) My laptops are both power hungry beasts – they need more than the 95W supplied by the most powerful of the implemented USB-C ports. Both my laptops require 200W – they have HUGE power bricks – so I dont really care about USB-C charging anyway.. Although this might be a deal breaker for you if your laptop requires USB charging, AND it needs greater than 95W8) Not really an issue with the monitor as such – but I found at lot of games dont support 144Hz – for example the max you can have in Crysis 3 and Shadow of the Tombraider is 120Hz. Although weirdly Portal 2 runs at 144Hz. There’s no real discernable difference between 120 and 144 anyway, IMHO.All in all its a fantasic monitor, and I love it. I was worried reading some of the negative reviews here, but (in rebuttal) – my screen didnt have any dead pixels or any other hardware issues. – I think the resolution (3840×1080) is fine for my use – 5120×1440 is overkill IMHO, would cost several hundred more, and a waste of 144Hz, as you would need a huge SLI setup with multiple high end graphics cards to drive it at greater than 60 Hz in games anyway – or go with other quality sacrifices to get the 144Hz framerate. In my testing I get 120fs in Crysis 3 with my GTX1080 at 3840×1080 on the highest possible setting, so I’m happy. I admit that the higher rez would be better for work applications (crisper text), but it would also shrink everything – and I tell you, this monitor is so huge it needs to be at arms length. I personally think 1080p hits the “sweet spot” – for me and my poor eyesight anyway!! – I’d rather have the built in KVM/dock and wait for it to switch than not have it at all – or have to pay for seperate dock. – I’m happy with the default auto-power off setting (saves power). I just have to remember to hit the power button on the screen when I turn on my PC. No big deal.- The OSD software could be better, but once its set you never touch it again… – Oh it doesnt have freesync, but heck – I get no tearing in the testing I’ve done – the graphics are buttery smooth for me – so why would I need it – apart from bragging rights!!All things considered – its 5 stars. I just wish it was a bit cheaper ….EDIT : I’ve had it a week now, and had to knock off a star. Its still amazing, but there’s a fault with it. If my PC (plugged into the DP port) turns off the monitor (ie, the monitor sleeps after a period of inactivity) – then you wake up the PC, the monitor will hang/crash. You get vertical lines down the display that slowly brighten, and it doesnt respond to the OSD buttons. A reboot is required to fix it. I’ve turned off monitor sleep on my PC to get around it the issue. Maybe a firmware update would fix it – but there’s no firmware available for this monitor yet. Not great.EDIT2 : I raised a call with Samsung – they wanted an engineer to look at it. I didnt want to do without my lovely new monitor, so I did some more experimenting. I found that it was only when Windows was using the monitor at 144Hz that the issue happens – so I ran with it at 120Hz for a while which works fine. Then I thought – maybe its something odd with the monitor resyncing just specifically at 144Hz, so I experimented with custom resolutions in windows, and found the monitor works just fine at 146Hz – and the issue with crashing on coming out of sleep disappears!! 140Hz works as well – (and anything over 146Hz doesnt work at all). so its just 144Hz. So I’m happy – I have “fixed” the only real issue I had .Attached is a photo of the monitor working normally, and the same background when the monitor “crashes” coming out of sleep at 144Hz for reference – I hope that this helps anyone else with the same issue….

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