Dell SE2719HR Review: 27″ IPS Gaming Monitor

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Environmental compliance rohs-compliant – China energy label, CEL, WEEE, ErP (EuP) standards, Korea E-Standby what’s included – monitor panel, Stand riser, stand base, power cable, HDMI cable, Quick setup guide, safety/ environmental/ regulatory information dimensions (HxWxD) panel only – 364.2…

Last updated on 5th July 2024 4:29 am
Dell SE2719HR Review: 27″ IPS Gaming Monitor
Dell SE2719HR Review: 27″ IPS Gaming Monitor



Dell Se2719hr Review

If you are a gamer, then you surely would love to play the game on a big screen for a thrilling experience. Being a game lover myself, I prefer to have a gaming monitor that provides me with the best viewing experience, without straining my eyes.

I was advised to purchase the Dell Se2719hr on my friend’s recommendation, and I found it worth admiring. I thought to give a detailed review of this product so that if anyone is looking forward to purchasing a gaming monitor, they can consider this one.

From having an elegant and modern design to being a comfort gaming Monitor, it carries every feature to satisfy game lover’s requirement and needs. Let’s get along with the article and discuss its every feature and element in detail.

Dell Se2719hr Features

I have been using gaming monitor since I have played my first video game, yet no one urged me to review them until I got my hands-on Dell Se2719hr. Its classy and modern monitor screen attracted me the most when I have experience it for the first time. Furthermore, the most exciting thing I found in this monitor is that you can use it for your office tasks as well.

This saves me space in my home office, as I can use it for gaming and easily switch across to video editing, writing or general admin tasks.

I have enlisted a few crucial features for you that might drive you to give it a try.

1- Elegant and Modern Design

Its elegant and modern design is enough to grab everyone’s attention the moment you look at it. It comprises thin bezels that compliment the space where you place it. I have always been a follower of minimalistic, so this feature made me try it for once.

It has a perfect screen size while having Full HD 1920 x 1080p.

What else it carries? Let’s talk about more of it.

Front View

First, let’s talk about the front view of this gaming Monitor. It carries function buttons which allows you to modify the settings if needed, and through these buttons, you can locate the on-screen Display menu. Furthermore, to on and off the monitor, it carries a power button with LED indicator.

Rear View

Now let’s put a glance at its back view. If you want to secure your Monitor with a security lock, Dell Se2719hr is giving you this facility. It carries security lock feature at the back. To fix the cable, it has a Cable Management cut and a stand release button so that you can put the Monitor without stand.

Sounds Interesting? It surely does.

Bottom View

If we talk about the bottom view without any stand, it carries 3 ports including power port, VGA Port, and HDMI Port. The power port allows you to connect the Monitor power cable while HDMI Port assist you in connection utilizing HDMI cables.

VGA port is also for the connection using VGA cables. You can make a secure connection while using any port. With so many features and controls who doesn’t want to give it a try.

Convenient View Mode

Many people, including me, love to play games in the night for which we surely need a convenient view mode that doesn’t bother our eyes. You would be pleased to know that this gaming monitor carries this feature. The first time I played the game on this monitor at night, I wasn’t expecting it to be this much convenient, but surprisingly it amazed me.

As I mentioned above, it has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p. It uses an active matrix screen type and has an In-plane switching panel. Well, Frankly speaking, this feature is the top favourite one that made me fall in love with this beautiful product instantly, and I am sure every late night video gamer will relate to it.

Impressive Visuals

You can’t take this feature for granted as it has impressive visuals that make your gaming experience thrilling and more satisfying. I remember when, for the first time I played my first game on this gaming monitor, I had an unreal experience that is indescribable. It carries up to 75 Hz refresh and has an agreeable monitor screen.

It has 0.2745 mm pixel pitch 250 cd monitor brightness. It uses LED edge light system backlight that is enough to furnish you an overwhelming adventure. To be honest, the first time I got my hands on this beauty, I knew that I am going to review this product so that more people can have an exciting gaming experience.

Power Management Modes

Another striking feature it carries is that the monitor can automatically lessen its consumption power if you have VESA’s DPM graphic card installed in it. It is also known as a power save mode. If the PC recognizes the card from the console, mouse or other information gadgets, the screen consequently continues working.

If we discuss a few power-saving features, the VESA Mode has a maximum power consumption of 29 W while the typical power consumption is 23 W.

Affordable Price

I know one of the main concerns of everyone is its price. When my friend recommended me this gaming console, my main concern was its price. However, Its satisfactory price surprised me despite having unlimited features. I am sure you can’t have any gaming Console at a limited price with unlimited features and specifications.

It promises to deliver a quality screen and makes your gaming experience more enchanting. Even if you find the price a bit costly still, it is completely justified as it fulfills every game lover’s requirement by carrying numerous features that everyone needs in a gaming monitor.

Plug and Play Facility

You can begin the screen in any Plug and Play-viable framework. The screen naturally furnishes the PC framework with its Extended Display Distinguishing proof Data (EDID) employing Display Data Channel (DDC) conventions so the framework can arrange itself and magnify the screen settings. Most screen establishments are programmed; you can choose various settings whenever wanted.

More than a Gaming Monitor

Another exciting feature that drove me to have this product instantly is its capacity for being a diverse product. If you are thinking that this monitor can also be used for video games, you are wrong. Apart from making your fun time exciting, it can also be used for office tasks.

For Instance, you can purchase this product for office use. Other than that, you can have it at home for your school or university tasks. Though I bought this product to fulfill my video game requirements, but currently, I am multi-tasking with this product as it is helpful for me to complete my school tasks.

Easy Maintenance

If I look at all my electronic gadgets, it gives me a tough time for their maintenance. However, I found it pretty easy to keep this monitor clean just with a little care and precautions. If you want to maintain LCD monitor quality and pixel design, you should be careful about a few things.

Once you are about to clean the monitor, you have to unplug the cable from the electrical outlet. For cleaning the screen, you should always use a thin cloth, or I would recommend you to go for screen sweeping tissue which will be more helpful in such regard.

You might have noticed a white powder pack along with the monitor that is used for cleaning purpose. During cleaning, you should be careful to avoid any scratches on the monitor screen. You can also use a changing screen saver to maintain the monitor screen’s quality. Furthermore by turning off the screen when not in use.

IPS Technology

The use of In-plane Switching (IPS) technology has surely increased its worth. This technology is a screen innovation for fluid precious stone showcases (LCDs). It was intended to settle the fundamental constraints of the curved nematic field impact (TN) grid LCDs which were predominant in the 1980s.

Though this technology is a bit costly, yet it generates the best screen quality. Due to the IPS, Dell Se2719hr comes with better colours and better view angles. Wherever you set this monitor, you can have a perfect angle. I have found this technology above all, and interestingly it is being used in this monitor.

Less Power Consumption

Last but not least, another exciting feature I found worth listing is power consumption. Though it is an IPS monitor that consumes much power yet surprisingly, this monitor lessens power consumption because of having different modes that enable you to control power. Moreover, it has a power save mode button that manages power consumption.

Let’s now dive into the spec of the 2719HR.

Monitor Specifications

Screen Type = Active matrix-TFT LCD

Panel Type = In-Plane Switching

Pixel Pitch = 0.3114 mm

Brightness = 300 cd/m (typical)

Contrast Ratio = Typical Contrast ratio 1,000 to 1 while Dynamic contrast ratio ranges from 8,000,000 to 1

Back Light = LED edge light system

Color Depth = 16.7 million colors

Tilt Angle = -5° to 21°

Security = It carries a security lock at the back view of Monitor

Response Time = 8 MS (Normal mode), 5 MS (Fast mode) and 4 MS (Extreme Mode).

Faceplate coating = Anti-glare with 3H hardness

Vertical Angle = 178°

Horizontal Angle = 178°

Resolution Specifications

Horizontal Scan Range = 30 kHz to 84 kHz

Vertical Scan Range = 48 Hz to 76 Hz

Maximum Preset Resolution = 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz for VGA port and 1920 x 1080 at 75 Hz for HDMI port.

Electrical Specification

Video Input Signals = 0.7 Volts Analog RGB and 600mV HDMI 1.4

Input Signals = Distinguished vertical and horizontal synchronizations, polarity-free TTL level

AC Input Voltage = 100 VAC to 240 VAC/50 Hz

Inrush Current = 30A (120V AC Input)

Physical Specifications

Dimension with Stand:

Height = 454.2 mm (17.88 in.)

Width = 611.5 mm (24.07 in.)

Depth = 186.8 mm (7.35 in.)

Dimension without Stand:

Height = 364.2 mm (14.34 in.)

Width = 611.5 mm (24.07 in.)

Depth = 46.4 mm (1.83 in.)

These are the detailed specifications that might help you to take the decision.

Dell Se2719hr Pros

A few pros/advantages that I found worth mentioning includes:

  • It has a 27″ screen size that is enough to make your gaming experience thrilling.
  • It uses IPS technology, i.e. In-plane Switching panel that renders more consistent colour replication and more numerous viewing angles.
  • It has Full HD 1080p screen resolution 1920 x 1080 (VGA: 60 Hz, HDMI: 75 Hz).
  • It’s a great value monitor
  • It has an ease mode view that let you enjoy the video games at night without any difficulty.
  • The power save mode decreases the power consumption and allows you to enjoy the games for as many hours as you want.
  • Its modern and elegant design make this model class apart.
  • It is considered one of the best Monitors of 2020 with every required feature.
  • It comes with a perfect size and an easy installation method.
  • Apart from Gaming, it can be utilized for other purposes i.e. office work.

Dell Se2719hr Cons

  • It doesn’t carry any built-in Speakers

I am sure this detailed guide will help you to make a decision. On the other hand, if anyone is looking for a perfect quality monitor screen for gaming or other purposes here is the ideal recommendation for you. Whatever quality you are looking for in your next monitor I am sure you will find it in the Dell Se2719hr.


The Dell SE2719HR is a stylish 27″ gaming monitor, which will satisfy your needs for a basic, entry level PC Gaming setup.

Labelling it as basic is a bit tough, it’s actually a very good monitor. It’s specced with Free-Sync and has a 75Hz refresh rate, which will ensure your games look smooth & immersive.

It’s also a brilliant monitor if only aimed for daily tasks at home, or in the office. Whilst it doesn’t cater for those looking for Specialist Specs, it’s sophistication makes it a real contender for your next monitor.

At £169, at the time of writing, this is a fantastic monitor.

If you’re a fan of minimalistic, this monitor has such a thin bezel, which only adds to the immersive experience. Not only this, but the thin bezel means that running multiple monitors at once is a real possibility.

It has a huge 178° (degrees) viewing angle, which means that you’ll have a great view of the monitor, regardless of the position you’re sat in.

What we like about this monitor, is the fact that it’s power supply is built in. Whenever we’ve specced a home PC kit, the dangling power supply has always been an issue for us. No longer is this an issue, as Dell have mastered the design.

If you’re a late night gamer, you’ll also be attracted to the Comfort View Mode, which reduces distractions and provides an anti-glare screen, with absolutely no flickering.

We are quite impressed by this monitor. Let’s be realistic, it won’t compete with the colours on an Alienware, or provide the same aesthetical beauty as a curved display, but for less than £200, this is a great monitor.

It’s one of the best monitors available at this pricing point.

9Expert Score
Environmental compliance rohs-compliant - China energy label, CEL, WEEE, ErP (EuP) standards, Korea E-Standby what’s included - monitor panel, Stand riser, stand base, power cable, HDMI cable, Quick setup guide, safety/ environmental/ regulatory information dimensions (HxWxD) panel only - 364.2...
  • Best Monitor Under £200
  • 178 Degree Viewing Angle
  • 4MS Response Time

Price History

Price history for Dell SE2719HR 27-Inch IPS LED Edgelight 2019 Gaming Monitor - (Black) 4 ms Response Time, FHD (1920 x 1080) AT 60 Hz, AMD Radeon FreeSync, Tilt, Comfort View, HDMI, VGA
Latest updates:
  • £114.99 - 14th May 2024
  • £139.99 - 11th April 2024
  • £114.99 - 4th March 2024
  • £101.99 - 18th February 2024
Since: 18th February 2024
  • Highest Price: £139.99 - 11th April 2024
  • Lowest Price: £101.99 - 18th February 2024

Additional information

Specification: Dell SE2719HR Review: 27″ IPS Gaming Monitor

Types of Ports Available

HDMI 2.0

Reponse Time (ms)

4 ms

Item Weight (KG)

5.09 kg

Screen Size

27 "

Refresh Rate Hz

60 hz


1920 x 1080

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  1. Karim

    This is actually the second one I have ordered to replace my older gaming monitors and this is by the best gaming monitor I have ever used.The brightness is really good, the menus are easy to navigate and adjust. The refresh rate is fantastic for gaming and the colour diversity is top notch.I will only upgrade them when Dell bring this out in a 120/144hz variant but until then I stand by my statement that this is the best screen I have used :)5/5( Please take a second to hit the helpful button it helps me greatly ^__^ )

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  2. David

    This freesync monitor now works with Nvidia G-SYNC if you have driver version 417.71 or above. G-SYNC is not officially validated for this monitor but you can manually enable G-SYNC in the nvidia control panel to take advantage of the variable refresh rate, the VRR range is 40 to 144 Hz.I have the monitor paired with a MSI GTX1080ti and have found that freesync works perfectly when tested with the Nvidia pendulum demo and also the games I have tried so far which inc. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Doom, Borderlands 2 and Rust.The monitor has no dead / stuck pixels, no backlight bleed and no colour banding issues.

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