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BenQ PD3200U Review

The BenQ PD3200U is a high-end professional-grade monitor that has gained popularity among professionals in creative industries. Designed to excel in tasks such as graphic design, video editing, and CAD/CAM work, this monitor is known for its exceptional display performance and color accuracy. In this review, we will delve into the various aspects of the BenQ PD3200U to evaluate its capabilities and suitability for professional use.

Design and Build Quality

  • The BenQ PD3200U boasts an elegant and modern design aesthetic. With slim bezels and a sleek frame, it offers a clean and professional look that enhances the overall visual appeal of the monitor.
  • The build quality of the BenQ PD3200U is commendable. The monitor is constructed with high-quality materials that ensure durability and sturdiness. The casing, stand, and other components feel solid and well-built, reflecting the monitor’s premium nature.
  • The BenQ PD3200U excels in terms of ergonomics. It offers a range of adjustability options, including height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and pivot, allowing users to customize their viewing experience to suit their preferences. These ergonomic features contribute to improved comfort, especially during extended usage sessions.

Display Performance

The display performance of the BenQ PD3200U is outstanding, thanks to its key features and specifications.

  • The monitor’s 4K Ultra HD resolution delivers incredibly detailed and sharp visuals, offering a heightened level of immersion and clarity.
  • Utilizing an IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel, the BenQ PD3200U ensures accurate color reproduction and wide viewing angles. This results in vibrant and lifelike visuals with consistent colors across the entire screen.
  • The BenQ PD3200U is renowned for its exceptional color accuracy. It covers industry-standard color spaces such as sRGB and Adobe RGB, making it a suitable choice for professionals engaged in color-critical work.

IV. Connectivity and Specialized Modes

  • Connectivity Options The BenQ PD3200U provides a wide range of connectivity options, including DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB-C ports. This allows users to connect multiple devices simultaneously, offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Specialized Modes The monitor offers specialized display modes tailored for various professional tasks. These modes, such as Animation, CAD/CAM, and Darkroom, optimize the display settings to enhance workflow efficiency and productivity.

User Experience and Ergonomics

  • Ease of Use and Navigation The BenQ PD3200U is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The on-screen display (OSD) navigation is intuitive, making it easy to access and adjust various settings.
  • Eye-Care Technologies The monitor incorporates eye-care technologies, including flicker-free and low blue light features. These technologies help reduce eye strain and fatigue, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience even during prolonged use.
  • Ergonomic Comfort With its adjustable height, tilt, swivel, and pivot options, the BenQ PD3200U offers excellent ergonomics. Users can customize the monitor’s position to achieve optimal comfort and reduce strain on their neck and eyes.

Pricing and Value

When considering the performance, features, and build quality, the BenQ PD3200U offers excellent value for its price point. While it may be a higher-priced monitor, the exceptional display performance and professional-grade features justify the investment for those in need of accurate and precise visuals.


  • Exceptional Display Performance: The BenQ PD3200U delivers outstanding display performance with its 4K UHD resolution, IPS panel, and exceptional color accuracy. Users can enjoy sharp visuals, wide viewing angles, and vibrant colors for a truly immersive experience.
  • Professional-Grade Color Accuracy: The monitor covers industry-standard color spaces such as sRGB and Adobe RGB, making it a reliable choice for professionals who require accurate and precise color reproduction in their work.
  • Versatile Connectivity Options: With DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB-C ports, the BenQ PD3200U offers flexibility in connecting multiple devices simultaneously. This is particularly useful for professionals who need to work with various peripherals.
  • Specialized Display Modes: The specialized modes, such as Animation, CAD/CAM, and Darkroom, optimize the display settings to cater to specific professional workflows. This enhances productivity and streamlines tasks for users in their respective fields.
  • Ergonomic Design: The BenQ PD3200U features an ergonomic design with adjustable height, tilt, swivel, and pivot options. Users can easily customize the monitor’s position to achieve optimal comfort and reduce strain during extended work sessions.


  • Limited HDR Capability: The BenQ PD3200U lacks full HDR support, which may be a drawback for users who prioritize HDR content consumption or require HDR capabilities for their work.
  • Limited Gaming Features: While the monitor offers excellent display performance, it may not have advanced gaming features such as high refresh rates or adaptive sync technology, making it less suitable for gaming enthusiasts.


The BenQ PD3200U is a high-quality professional-grade monitor that excels in display performance and color accuracy. With its 4K UHD resolution, IPS panel, and specialized modes, it is a reliable choice for professionals in creative industries. The ergonomic design further enhances the user experience, providing comfort during long work sessions. Although it may lack advanced gaming features and full HDR support, the BenQ PD3200U offers excellent value for professionals seeking accurate and precise visuals in their work.

Considering its performance, features, and value, the BenQ PD3200U is highly recommended for graphic designers, video editors, CAD/CAM professionals, and other creative individuals who require a high-quality display for their demanding tasks.

Final verdict on the BenQ PD3200U

Taking into account the overall performance, impressive features, and value proposition, the BenQ PD3200U receives a positive final verdict. Its outstanding display performance, professional-grade color accuracy, and versatile connectivity options make it a reliable choice for professionals in graphic design, video editing, and CAD/CAM work. The ergonomic design further adds to its appeal, providing users with a comfortable and customizable viewing experience.

C. Recommendation for which type of users would benefit most from this monitor: The BenQ PD3200U is highly recommended for professionals in creative industries who prioritize accurate and precise visuals in their work. Graphic designers, video editors, CAD/CAM professionals, and individuals engaged in color-critical tasks will greatly benefit from the monitor’s exceptional color accuracy and specialized modes. The versatility of connectivity options also caters to those who require seamless integration with multiple devices.

Additionally, the ergonomic design and adjustable features make the BenQ PD3200U suitable for users who spend long hours in front of the screen and prioritize comfort. While it may not be the ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts or those seeking advanced gaming features, its focus on professional-grade performance and color accuracy positions it as a valuable tool for professionals in need of a reliable and high-quality monitor.

In conclusion, the BenQ PD3200U is a commendable choice for professionals seeking a top-notch monitor that combines excellent display performance, accurate color reproduction, versatility, and ergonomic comfort.

8.4Expert Score
BenQ PD3200U Review
The BenQ PD3200U: Exceptional display performance, accurate colors, versatile connectivity, and ergonomic design make it a top choice for professionals.
  • Exceptional display performance and color accuracy
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Ergonomic design for user comfort
  • Limited HDR capability
  • Lack of advanced gaming features
  • Higher price point compared to some competitors

Additional information

Specification: BenQ PD3200U Review



Product Dimensions

‎49 x 74.03 x 21.34 cm, 12.5 Kilograms

Item model number








Standing screen display size

‎32 Inches

Screen Resolution



‎3840 x 2160

Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Number of HDMI Ports



‎240 Volts


‎44 watts

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

‎12.5 kg

Guaranteed software updates until


Specially designed frame minimizes visual distractions. Troubleshooting Tips

Colour Issue – Please check graphics card settings. If HDMI output range is RGB (YcbCr) full range (0-255) or RGB (YcbCr) limited range (16-235), set the monitor via the OSD to HDMI RGB PC range RGB (0-255) or RGB (16-235) to match your graphics card settings. Flicking issue – Please increase the refresh rate on your graphics card to 70Hz

Model number


Price History


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  1. Ben Rowe

    I pretty soon had to return this monitor due to my eyes hurting and also getting head aches which I have never experienced before with a monitor (and next to no other things either actually).I didn’t notice it to begin with or at least I didn’t think it was anything to do with the screen. But after doing several different activities on my PC, I began to realise just how over saturated and vibrant the colours looked. I take a lot of pictures on my cameras. Many colours simply don’t look like they did in reality on this monitor compared to my previous ones. I strongly disagree that this monitor has sRGB and Rec. 709 colour calibrated with 100% accuracy. This is their claim and I bet if it was tested with the right equipment, it would not be correct. From my impressions, this monitor does what many TV’s seem to. It makes colours pop and stand out but to me isn’t really suitable for standard PC use. Many TV’s have a PC setting on them to make they appear “normal” when used for this purpose as their standard setting just isn’t appropriate for PC use. I feel this monitor could have this problem, but I just can’t get it to look right.I spent over an hour trying to adjust the OSD and found that what some others had mentioned on amazon US reviews of this monitor is that turning the contrast right down to 10 or 15. This helps, but severely limits how bright the monitor can go. The contrast must be a bit on the extreme side on this monitor. Most monitors by default have it at around 70 – 75 by default and that usually seems right. This by default has it at 50 by default and looks like it is already set higher than my old monitor would when set to full. The whites and other bright colours, look incredibly bright, even when the monitor is on 30 brightness or below. Then when you view dark scenes, it is hard to distinguish the different shades. Something just doesn’t seem right about this to me. When playing games or watching films with dark scenes and you see a light on something, it just looks so intense that you can’t really identify things around it. This is the worst monitor I’ve come across in this aspect. There is just too great a difference between bright and dark scenes which I never thought could be a disadvantage until now.Turning the gamma up or down on the monitor doesn’t really help with this problem, however using Nvidia on my PC and turning the gamma down from 1.000 to 0.900 or around there makes it just about useable. Without this, I just find that text is very hard to read on a white background. My issue is very hard to describe, but it is clearly what this monitor is like and isn’t a fault with my specific one. It is a similar problem in a colourful game I play. there is sometimes text that you need to read that is not the most ideal colour or background (bright green text on a yellow background for example) but this monitor basically over exposes both colours that they almost merge and it just looks a total mess. I just can’t find a way to fix this.Even just simply watching the BBC news in the studio didn’t look right, the colours are unrealistic and the studio lights had significantly too much glare.Another issue is apparently the case with a great deal of monitors, but coming from a glossy monitor makes this more apparent, and it is especially bad on this. The colours are slightly warmer on the right side of the monitor than the left. When I look really closely at my old monitor which i have gone back to (Dell S2415H), this issue is there too, but hardly noticeable at all unless you put your head unrealistic close. The gloss finish on this monitor probably helps prevent it being noticeable though. With this BenQ monitor, playing a game with a night scene looks like it is a warm evening light on the right side with a brown tint, while more normal (grey / black) on the left. I’m nearly 3 feet away from the monitor which should be a reasonable distance, but this colour shift is such a distraction. Also very annoying for old footage (or photos) with a 4:3 aspect ratio as the two bars very clearly are a different shade unless you view the monitor from well over a metre away. In my opinion, if this monitor is used for editing, it will make many pictures appear warmer on the right, which I see as a major disadvantage. But I have to say, I’ve bought and returned 2 other 25 inch monitors with the same issue. It really doesn’t seem to be helped by the matte finish which appears to make the problem worse. I wish there were more glossy monitors about.As some others mentioned in the reviews here and on Amazon US, even a simple single colour background can have noticeable difference shades across it. A skype call for example while not using the web cam is simply deep blue. When viewing the centre of the screen at a realistic distance, the right of this blue image totally looses the blue and becomes grey. That is incredibly poor in my view. It is also very distracting using any program with a dark theme which is always my preference as you can always notice the brown tint towards the right. It just looks uneven.The only positives I can see about the picture of this monitor is that it is very good at highlighting faults with your images which will certainly have advantages if you are constantly editing them. But it doesn’t really highlight the image how it originally was captured which I see as a problem. If you manage to get a picture to look perfect on this monitor with editing software, it may help getting the best out of it when printing.I always thought of BenQ to be a budget brand, but the build quality exceeded my expectations with this in all but one area. It is very weighty and feels incredibly well built. Had I kept it, It will have been wall mounted, but I tested the stand and it is all very solid and stable. But there is one part of the monitor that I think is poorly built and it is a rather important part.The matte cover of the display is too soft and flexible. Unless you wipe it with extreme care to have 100% even pressure everywhere, you can actually see from the backlight on a black image where you have been with the cloth. This is nothing related to any water marks being left as there were none visible even with direct sunlight being on the monitor when off. I wondered what these marks were when gaming that was sort of in a zigzag pattern and it will have simply been where the microfibre cloth put the slightest bit of pressure on the screen making the backlight bleed in those areas far more apparent. How hard is it to make the cover of the display out of some tougher plastic? They managed to build everything else but this brilliantly. As I said, if you make a lot of effort to put totally even and gentle pressure on the screen when cleaning, you can remove this. I never touch screens myself, but I can easily see this screen getting spots of backlight bleed (possibly permanent) from where ever those end up pointing something out with their finger. With more and more devices becoming touch screen these days, you likely will get some more people touching PC monitors too, and this one will suffer badly from this over time if even carefully cleaning it causes issues. Of all the areas that there are, this is not a good one to cut costs.I’ll also add that others made a point about the LED being on the extreme side. I certainly agree. Dell always have very small and discrete power LEDs on their monitors. They also have an option in the OSD to turn it off. This is indeed ridiculously bright. Enough to partially illuminate your room as another reviewer points out. I don’t find this to me a major disadvantage. While I had it, I just put some black PVC tape over it. But it could certainly be an area they could improve for future models.Overall, I’m certainly not very impressed with this monitor for the price of it.

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  2. Dave

    I bought this mainly for processing photos with adobe lightroom and it’s great for that (I’m no professional regarding colour spaces etc. but it’s a big step up from a 2k monitor and photos look great).It doesn’t go especially bight but bright enough for my use.I’ve found 2 limitations, one is a Benq problem (I have a fix) and one a bad software by everyone problem.First the Benq problem :Myself and probably many folk who by this will want to connect 2 pc’s to it and use 1 keyboard and mouse AND to switch easily and quickly between pc’s.Well you can’t! I haven’t counted the key presses required to do this on the clumsy Benq menu but its very many. Switching displays is not all that bad (but quite bad), then you have to do lots more pressing of unlabelled menu buttons to get the usb switch for mouse and keyboard. Rubbish!For a long time I suspected I had missed something in the very limited instructions. Eventually I googled it to find there is no Benq fix – just awful design.So my fix is to spend £29.99 on this :HDMI KVM Switch USB 2 Port 4K,USB2.0,[email protected],KVM Switch 2 PC 1 Monitor, HDMI2.0,HDCP1.2,Ultra HD,with 2 USB and 2 HDMI Cables, Support Wireless Keyboard and Mouseand Halleluyah it works – just one button press to do it all – bliss!Only just got it (the new kvm switch) so can’t judge reliability of it yet but it makes life so much easier. Actually when I powered off 1 PC and switched to the other the usb (keyboard and mouse) failed to switch and I had to unplug them and plug them in again, but so far when both pc’s are up the single button press has worked every time.If anyone is still reading : the bad software by (nearly) everyone problem is this :Most software is designed to scale text, menus, icons etc quite well for monitors up to about 2K.Get a lovely 4K monitor for image processing and suddenly the text is now only readable by 18 year olds with perfect vision.Of course you can configure this to some extent but, for my eyes at least, not enough.Even adobe lightroom is very bad at this. Last time I looked you only have 3 options for menu text size (S,M,L) and they do NOT appear designed for higher resolutions which surely many customers are using – bonkers!Coding on Linux is okay as the terminal text size is properly flexible (and presumably the same would apply on my macbook if I get round to coding on it).But on both linux and macos the sytem menus are too small, even with my reading glasses. Usable though. Overall I still like the 4k monitor.With Firefox I set it to 120% or so magnification – this generally works but some websites (eg Amazon) when displaying tables etc. don’t handle it properly so some text gets lost – and it’s tedious to have to revert to 100% just for that.It would be good if everyone (especially Adobe whose software is surely intended for use on large screens) handled this better with more flexibility. It’s not rocket science!

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